The party for the South Zone is not restricted to Copacabana.

In Flamengo, a stage that was set up at Rua Dois de Dezembro promises to liven up the last night of the year with Michael Sullivan concert, Revelação and samba in double dose, with presentations by São Clemente and Acadêmicos do Salgueiro. Three ferries carry out the firework show in order to receive the new year.


20h30 – DJ
21h30 – Dani
22h50 – Michael Sullivan
23h50 – Contagem regressiva
0h20 – Grupo Revelação
1h50 – G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos do Salgueiro
2h40 – G.R.E.S. São Clemente


Praia do Flamengo, - Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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