Located in the heart of Saara.

“Cedrus Libani” is Lebanon’s national symbol, which represents strength and immortality. That’s what Cedro do Líbano wishes for – and is achieving. Since 1948, the restaurant is one of the oldest in town, and has become famous for the quality of the products they have been offering for over 60 years. On the menu, there are traditional dishes of the Arab cuisine prepared by hand, following the original Lebanese recipes. Among the most ordered ones, we highlight the beef kofta on a skewer, accompanied with hummus, and mujaddara – rice with lentils and fried onion. Another suggestion is to try their famous flagship: the grilled lamb picanha with mint jam and mujaddara, which serves two people.


Rua Senhor dos Passos, 231 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Monday to saturday, 11am to 4pm.


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