After cruising around the city as a food truck serving handmade gourmet burgers, Descolado now has a stationary location at a historical manor in Arco do Teles, in Praça XV.

The new Descolado Burger & Beer has a variety of hamburgers, draft beer taps and craft beers, which will surely harmonize with the flavor of your favorite sandwich. Among the many options is the Bacon Lovers, which is made with 180g of meat, aioli sauce, mix of leaves, cheddar cheese, slices of crunchy bacon and gorgonzola sauce. Have a side order of Fries, which are Belgian-style French fries with bacon “farofa” (toasted and seasoned cassava flour) and a sauce of your choice. For dessert, try the Brownie with Ice Cream, a slice of brownie with a scoop of ice cream, sweet “farofa” and chocolate syrup, or the Mini Churros.


Travessa do Comércio, 24 Praça XV - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Monday to Wednesday, 11am to 7pm. Thursday and Friday, 11am to 11pm. Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

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