Tradition in the form of cinema.

With an eclectic style that favors the Neoclassic, Odeon was opened in April of 1926 and is located in the building of the Severiano Ribeiro Group in Downtown Rio. A pioneer of Cinelândia, it was also the last movie theater to function regularly in the region. After four months of reformation and an investment of R$ 1,5 million, the Cine Odeon – Cultural Center Luiz Severiano Ribeiro reopened in 2015, and the name was chosen to pay tribute to the founder of the Severiano Ribeiro Group.

Odeon has a diverse schedule which alternates between the exhibition of movies and other audiovisual content such as concerts, ballets and operas, as well as classes, lectures and cultural events. Movie Festivals are also part of the movie theater’s schedule, such as the Anima Mundi Festival, Varilux Festival of French Cinema and the Rio Restival.

Check the schedule here and learn more about the movie theater in the official website.


Praça Floriano, 7 Cinelândia - Downtown
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Daily, 1h30 to 9pm

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