The Bhering Factor (Fábrica Behring), located since the 1930s in the Gamboa neighborhood, in the Rio port area, saw its heyday and decline over the decades, until, as of 2010, it became an important center of art and culture production.

Occupation of the space took place organically, through word of mouth by the artists themselves who, discontent with the high real estate rental prices in the city, found a way to lower costs and create an artistic network where collaboration is the soul of business.

The factory, which was once one of the largest in the country, especially for coffee production and export, and popular icons such as toffees and Boneco, also attracts with its distinctive architecture. The large project holds such curiosities such as the fact that every metal structure that supports the building, as well as the most modern equipment at that time, came by boat from
Hamburg, Germany after the purchase of assets of a chocolate company that had closed its doors. Areas of prominence, such as the terrace, which reveals a view that covers the entire Downtown of Rio and even to Niteroi; and the beautiful Pombal, a very high area and very well lit by windows that flank the entire building, and which has served as the set for numerous recordings such
as the current opening of TV Globo’s Sunday program Fantástico; they are high points in the walk through Bhering.

With a constructed area of more than 15,000 square meters there are around 80 art studios operating at full steam. Sharing this space with century-old machinery in a factory that occupies an entire block, there are potters, designers, producers, plastic artists, booksellers, gourmets, artisans, photographers, shopkeepers, furniture makers and even a small craft beer brewery. With visitation schedules that range from open doors to pre- scheduling, you can reach Rua Orestes, 28 and take a full tour through five floors of Bhering. Every month there is the Circuito Interno, an event that combines art, music and cuisine for the public to get to know in depth the dynamics of this great art and cultural center.


Rua Orestes, 28 - Santo Cristo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+55 21 2223-2477

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