Its collection gathers documents about the history of the Brazilian Army, emphasizing World War II aspects and participations on ONU Peace Missions in São Domingos, Suez and Angola.

The museum has five permanent exhibitions:

A Evolução do armamento (Weaponry evolution)
Since the Stone Age, men produce weapons for self-defense. This exhibit shows, with reproductions and original pieces, the evolution from stone to wood and then metal, to the present days.

Sala Major Elza (Major Elza Hall)
A hall in honor of the first voluntary nurse of the Força Expedicionária Brasileira (Brazilian Expeditionary Force), and the first woman to reach the rank of major.

Casa da FEB (Força Expedicionária Brasileira – Brazilian Expeditionary Force)

Brazil participation in World War II is told in details through objects, weapons and vehicles used during the conflict. Many of the photos on these exhibits were taken by Major Elza.

Pátio dos blindados (Armored Cars Patio)
The outside of the museum is the site for armored cars, ancient cannons, light weaponry and vehicle like the jeep used by Mascarenhas de Morais, FEB commander, and a Toyota with damages from an ambush in Angola. Two pieces deserve to be highlighted, one is the tank with desert camouflage painting and the largest tank in the museum, weighing 70 tons, which worked on rails.

Tropa em Marcha
Under maintenance.

Aside from the permanent exhibits, an ancient vehicles meeting is held monthly, which also has three halls for rental. The museum’s library includes several military, romance and school books available for on-the-spot reference use.
Tickets cost R$4 (R$2 half price entry). Kids under 10 and those over 80 are free of charge.


Avenida Pedro II, 383 - São Cristóvão
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


De terça a domingo, das 10h às 17h

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