Hidden paradise in the West Zone of the city.

Rio de Janeiro is a city famous by its urban beaches, but only a few people know that the along our long shore, four paradisiac beaches are still preserved. Perigoso, Meio, Funda, and Inferno are the names of the wild beaches that are between Grumari and Barra de Guaratiba, because they’re so hard to get to, only by trails and boats, they are rarely visited and mostly untouched by men. It’s important to remember that water, sunscreen, and snacks are essential.

Leaving the main road through Barra de Guaratiba, a track leads you on a walk of approximately one and a halfhours until you arrive at Pedra da Tartaruga (‘Turtle Rock’), the rock that separates the small strips of sand that form these beautiful beaches. It’s a relatively unknown corner of the city, a refuge, despite being quite easy to access. Even so, it’s recommended to walk the trail with a guide.

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